Adult “Free-Communication”

Lesson style/content/textbooks are adjusted according to the student’s age group

Beginner English

For those who are near total beginners or have had some English education but have had little chance to practice. The goal is to master English foundations attain a Pre-intermediate level of English.

Intermediate English

For those who have a basic handle of English and can express daily needs but have difficulty with natural-speed English. The course aims to get students to a level where they can access English media and communicate comfortably with native speakers.

Advanced English

For those who have a higher intermediate command of English but would like to achieve a more advanced standard of English comprehension and expression suitable for school/work.

Subject Based Learning (K-12)

This is a supplementary education program designed for international school students or K-12 students based in the US. You can request tutoring or homework assistance in English (essays, reading/writing), Math, Science, Social Studies, SATs, etc. Instructors will be college students/graduate students/graduates who majored in the relevant subject. Lessons will be individually tailored to the needs of students and parents.

Internship Preparation Course

This course is designed for high-intermediate adult learners who want to achieve higher business proficiency in English and practice the necessary language skills to live and work in an English-speaking country. It also seeks to teach higher politeness in English for smooth communication, including understanding subtle nuance, cultural sensitivity, and US cultural contexts.

For long-term students (180 hours+) there are additional benefits:

For college age students and above:

Internship in Hawaii

Every U&I member who completes at least the 180 hour course can apply for this internship opportunity. Which company an applicant can be assigned to will vary according to their English level and the circumstances of the company. It is recommended that applicants have completed Business English course or above. Airfare and living costs will be covered only for those applicants who complete a 180 hour course within 1 year.

Summer Camp in Hawaii / Summer School in Hawaii

Any U&I member wishing to participate in summer camp / summer school held by a prestigious Hawaiian school can apply. We will assist with the processing at no cost. Please consult us for details.

초급 / 중급 / 고급 1레슨
  • A클래스 09.90 USD(20분)
  • B클래스 19.90 USD(45분)
  • C클래스 24.90 USD(60분)
Internship Preparation Course 1레슨
  • B클래스 24.90 USD(45분)
집중심화과정 (K~12) 1레슨
  • B클래스 24.90 USD(45분)